Replica watches-High-imitation watch with the same color as the original

If you pay attention to the blue of the genuine "Lawrence" of the country, you can find that in the genuine "IW323305" table, his color is warmer, that is, to pass the "warm color" and the blue color is cool. Warm and cool colors will be adjusted in order to get a dark blue that is consistent with "IW323305". (Note: At present, the latest blue-faced calendar in the country is a cool blue with cool colors.) In the attempt, the mold-maker tried it, the blue-red match, and then the middle color to adjust, the letter is purple, the details can be seen in the picture above replica watches. If the cool color matches the cool color fake watches, the font will be very similar to OMEGA's "bright blue". Ití»s totally out of print. Nor does it fit the original design of this engineer.

The final blue is determined. The intermediate color is the base color fake watches, plus the solid color, and the warm color is adjusted to get the blue we want. It is bluish in white and has a metallic color.

We can see that the "blue" in the past model is shot under the LED light, it is not blue enough, and there are some purple replica watches. The corrected literal under the same light is a white-blue color that is consistent with the original.

The reflection surface of the natural light is whitened before the correction. This is the effect of the midtones. However, if the intermediate color is used as the base color and then the cool color is added for adjustment, in the case of the reflective surface, the metallic blue color is also exhibited. Instead of presenting a neutral color, you can completely render the same blue color as the original.

I shot the fake watches in the LED light, the real color is the final color of the swiss replica watches, and the color closest to the naked eye, this is the high imitation IWC Vintage "Lawrence" limited edition The ultimate effect. There is no doubt that this is the closest to the genuine version of the true "blue" in any direction, no matter what direction it is in.