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The average person would think that the development of the deck of the movement is an external development, that is, considering that it looks more like a standard version (that is, a copy object). In fact, this is not the case. The development of any movement panel is developed from the inside out. That is, the decorative panel should be considered for the movement, and everything is centered on the function realization of the watch.

1: Firstly, the original movement of the basic movement is removed fake rolex, and the relevant drilling position, wheel position, and corresponding fixed size are thoroughly studied.

2: The design of the movement inner cover, as well as the automatic rudder, the direction of the balance wheel, and the height of the suspension, and the removal of the inner cover panel, etc., need to be considered. At the same time, if the selling point of the standard plate is ˇ°ultra-thinˇ±, it is necessary to consider the thickness of the movement plate and the thickness of the inner cover, find the corresponding balance point, and then design the parts of the movement panel.

Take this imitation IWC Cal.80111 as an example. The left 1 is the inner cover design of the basic movement, the middle is the movement back panel of MIYOTA8205, and the right side is the movement substrate of MIYOTA 8205 replica watches. We can see all the drill bits and machines. The core panels are matched, and the inner cover also reserves space for the balance of the movement and the position of the hairspring that needs to be exposed.