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The purpose of writing this article is just to tell everyone, don't study the so-called true and false differences, careful molders, far more thoughtful than you think, and pay far more than you. The efforts made are far higher than any so-called ¡°high-profile experts¡±, and at the same time, my friends, I will never claim to be ¡°high-profile experts¡±, we just take the watch of every thing seriously. People, whether they are living or working, we take it seriously. I personally sincerely hope that everyone can have the ability to buy a genuine product without pain. In the end, I will taste the watchmakers of China and learn about the progress and progress of Swiss replica watches.

I¡¯ve been talking about some of the two watches that I¡¯ve introduced in the newcomer¡¯s activities, but I¡¯ve been busy recently. I don¡¯t have time to take photos and write articles. I¡¯m only waiting for the weekend, so everyone will wait, about the new ones on the mall. Two watches, I am not going to do detailed explanations such as dismantling, because I always feel that the value and meaning of the disassembly of these two tables is not too big, about the structural design of the watch, as well as for waterproofing, locking the head The way, the process of brushing and polishing, etc., have been involved in the past dismantling, so if these two watches do the same explanation, it is very market-oriented, and become a naked guest, I I feel that it is absolutely unnecessary. Therefore, regarding these two watches, I intend to start with their characteristics and development background, to explain to you some of the details that were not covered in my past, about the details behind the high imitation table vip replica watches, and the intentions of this watch. This article will mainly explain the high-imitation IWC VINTAGE series "Lawrence" limited edition, blue correction and related comparison

Blue is a ternary color, meaning that all blue colors are transformed according to pure blue and then add other colors. At the same time, such color addition is in accordance with CMYK mode, which is the printing mode. In the earlier article I said that our computer color rendering mode is generally RGB mode, and CMYK mode is a printing mode, which means that the color development on the computer is richer than printing fake watches, so in all literal printing proofreading, Gray is the hardest, followed by green.