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The detailed evaluation of the Panerai watch has been described in detail in the previous article. Today I will mainly explain the difference between carbon fiber material and steel material, and the use of carbon fiber material on the watch, and it will be simple. Comment on the appearance of the high imitation Panerai PAM00616 equipped with a new Chinese-made fake watches high imitation P.9000 movement. If you are interested in carbon fiber materials and watches, what is the difference between carbon fiber materials and ordinary stainless steel materials, and Learn about the latest high-profile Panerai PAM00616 watch.

About the story behind the blue imitation IWC Vintage blue font, of course, this watch is already on sale, it is inevitable that some Wang Po is suspected of selling melons, things about knowledge are weakened, then today by time, I Let me update an article about Longines. Everyone knows that the high imitation watch mall I manage is a watch that has never sold a high imitation Longines.

This is the calendar board manufacturer, the first time to give us the model, note that we bought the original version directly to remove the calendar disk, and then handed it to the calendar board manufacturer. In the first sample. If it is an ordinary person, I will definitely feel that this calendar is not bad, there is no flash on it, and there is no flaw.

At the same time, we also sorted out the relevant technical documents to interface with the manufacturers. These technical documents are not simple communication, but completely tell the manufacturers the correct parameters we have measured. For example, the calendar is the spacing between the calendars, as well as the width of the font, the angle of the relevant angle of the arc, etc. These detailed parameters, rather than essimple, here "too thick" where "too thin", even the most rude, this and authentic Not the same replica watches, such a simple and general docking. Also included in the appendix is ​​a high-definition big picture of a single digital picture.