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Many people think that the original movement panel, just as it used to be, is simple, a simple metal patch above the basic movement inner cover, in addition to the original imitation deck. It has not been used all the time, although the price of doing so is indeed 1/10 of the best craft, because it seems that the whole movement board does not look any three-dimensional. It looks like a sticker. The most advanced decking process is used on this imitation IWC Cal.80111, and all of the upper deck parts are made separately. After the nickel plating process is completed, the lettering is carried out. After the lettering is completed, the chrome-plated metal treatment is performed. The photo of the movement ncbe replica watches after the nickel plating is actually beautiful enough. After the chrome plating is completed, the refraction will be strengthened. Make the movement board look brighter, and in order to reflect the layering of the movement, all deck screws are black screw design.

Because this imitation IWC Cal.80111 is required to be used in the imitation IWC VINTAGE series of watches, the calendar can naturally not use the original calendar disk equipped with MIYOTA 8205, so the calendar also needs to be redesigned and produced, in the previous introduction In the article of the IWC VINTAGE series, I have made a detailed introduction to the genuine products. The genuine VINTAGE series is the work of the first generation of engineers' watches. Its calendar is also the continuation of the earliest generation of engineers from all over the world. Its fonts are completely unrecognizable in the current font library. This is the meticulousness of many genuine watches. In order to make the watch unique, genuine products often invent a set of fonts as their own. The calendar font of the watch, even one font per series, in addition to IWC such as Rolex, Glashutte and even Longines. Therefore, the font needs to be redesigned and modified before the production is completed.

This imitation IWC Cal.80111 has already learned about the current state-of-the-art movement board process and the general process. In a simple movement board, it involves more than four hardware production and processing plants, electroplating factory. , calendar disc printing factory, and countless other people in the eyes of the "half-hanger" on the basic movement MIYOTA 8205 and the movement replica watches shop between the inner cover, the length of the automatic rudder, the location of the lettering, the depth, the color of the screw, The research on the refractive index of nickel-plated and chrome-plated metals, etc., has been extensively studied and investigated, and then docked with the corresponding manufacturer's technicians to complete the prototype of this IWC Cal.80111.