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Protecting the rural nature of Napa County is going to be a long term endeavor. Many tourism developments have already been approved throughout the county and their visitors will soon be coming. Whether or not we are successful in reducing (or eliminating!) the impacts of the currently proposed projects, other tourism projects will continue to be proposed, perhaps to your backyard, until the Winery Definition Ordinance is changed to discourage tourism in the remote parts of the County. If you feel that the rural quality of your life is worth protecting this organization is here to provide the legal and technical help necessary to defend your community and retain the rural environment Napa County committed itself to 45 years ago.

Benefits of your contribution:
  • Knowledge that you are supporting programs that promote quality of life by preserving the agricultural nature of Napa County for the benefit of future generations of residents and visitors.
  • Join with us to promote neighborhood awareness of land conservation efforts in Napa County.
  • Monitor and discuss responses of government officials/departments regarding the preservation of the agricultural nature of Napa County.
  • Invitations to PRN special events
You may donate in three ways:

1. Donate by sending a check
You may send us a check made out to Protect Rural Napa to: Mailing Address:
    Protect Rural Napa Education Fund
    P.O. Box 2385
    Yountville, CA 94599

2. Donate using PayPal
You can donate via PayPal (which allows you to pay with any major credit card or with your PayPal account). You will be able to note a specific use or project that your donation should be applied to.

3. Donate using Amazon Smile
You can join the Amazon Smile program which allows you to use Amazon to buy things just as you normally would, but a percentage of each of your purchases will be sent to the charity of your choice. Type in "Protect Rural Napa" when asked to select an organization to promote.

Please note that payments madeto the PRN Education Fund are tax deductible. The percentage of your Amazon Smile purchases allocated to PRN Ed Fund, however, is not tax deductible. Contact Glenn Schreuder if you have questions.

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